Declared dead, a Muslim woman comes back to life and testifies to her fellow-religious

Sabina's body had been in the morgue for two days. Declared clinically dead by doctors, his family was preparing to bury him. But, surrounded by corpses and covered with a linen sheet, Sabina experienced a vision.

Awhen she was lying down, she saw herself stuck in a deep well. A tree began to grow at the top of the well. From its trunk, a branch moved up to her, as she lay on the stretcher. The branch turned to flesh and Sabina heard:

"If you take my hand, I'll bring you back to life." "

When she grabbed the branch with her hand, Sabina awoke, lying on the metal stretcher covered with a sheet in the morgue.

Witness to this event, the doctors fled before returning to the room:

" I am alive. Do not worry. "

The baffled medical staff have since refused to communicate on Sabrina's story, the 2 days of coma and the 2 days spent in the morgue.

Transported to a university hospital in Moscow and eventually repatriated to her home in Central Asia, Sabina reunited with her family. From the first Sunday, she surprised everyone by going to church.

“There is a place I have to go. "

An entire family won over to Jesus

A Pentecostal church within a predominantly Muslim region was Sabina's destination. That day, Sabina recognized Jesus as her savior and left the Muslim faith behind. Since that day, Sabina's 6 daughters and son have become Christians. All have Bible studies and some are in full-time ministry.

Jamal, Sabina's son-in-law, says he received a vision in 2000 to “preach the Gospel on the steps of a mosque”.

A work of evangelization among Muslims

When Sabina's daughter, Aisha met Jamal in 2006, their two stories converged and they came together in marriage with a vibrant desire to be a witness of the Gospel to the Muslim community. For Jamal and Aisha, the story of Sabina is “a magnificent open door to bear witness to Jesus to Muslims”. In the summer of 2016, Jamel and Aisha planted 7 churches. They are also very involved with 2 sisters of Aisha in supporting Syrian refugees. A million refugees have flocked to their country.

“Last year, we sponsored an entire refugee camp before winter, due to the presence of many babies and toddlers who were freezing to death. We have raised enough money to provide thermal insulation for their tents. "

The members of this family agreed to share their testimony on condition that the names be changed and that their exact locality in Central Asia not be mentioned, in order to preserve the exercise of their ministry in a region opposed to the Christian faith.

This story is told to us by Christian journalist Steve Rees, for the site


source: Steve Rees for AssistNews

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