Threatened with death and persecuted, Amin, Pastor in the Middle East, will continue to preach despite the risks

Amin, pastor in the Middle East, despite repeated threats against him, does not want to reduce his activities, his church is growing ...

Lpersecution still continues in the Middle East. The testimonies continue to be relayed by the NGOs and the courage of Christians such as Amin moves us more and more. Although his heart pounded very hard, Pastor Amin stood straight before his accusers, refusing to show an ounce of fear. In a threatening tone, almost a growl, the Muslim extremist said:

“I am a faithful Muslim. . . So I must participate in the jihad. “

For Pastor Amin, the implication was clear: this could be his last moment on earth. If so, so be it!

“Kill me if you have to. Here I am ! “

His two attackers were somewhat stunned. They had never seen so much courage and calm on the face of a near death sentence. It was like God put a shield of protection around the pastor, and they knowed they couldn't touch him.

What they didn't know was that Pastor Amin was never going to run into hiding, no matter what threat he faced.

“My place is here, preaching the gospel to Muslims, if you love Christ you follow him and do his will. If you love and follow Christ, you will not be afraid. “

Pastor Amin's words and fearlessness echoed throughout the region. He organized evangelistic trips for young people, where they could preach the gospel to Muslims, they distributed Bibles, and Christian literature. So today he has a church made up of former Muslims. He founded a rehabilitation center for drug addicts and alcoholics. He also started summer camps for Muslim children.

He already receives death threats regularly, which makes him sad, but has not dented his resolve to see Muslims come to Christ.

“I will never hide.”

Many people who know him know that he will never back down. Not while there are Muslims in his country who need to hear the truth about Christ and his love for them…

Open doors usa confides that if Pastor Amin asked not to be withdrawn from danger but on the contrary, to be strengthened so that he can continue to spread the gospel in the midst of those who do not know the truth.


source: Open doors usa

Image Credit: Flickr-CC/ Carlos Z.G.Z.

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