The 112-year-old new dean of humanity is a survivor of the death camps

112-year-old Yisrael Kristal has been the oldest man in the world for several days. The dean, Susannah Mushatt, is American and is 116 years old.

NIn 1903, he lived in Lodz, Poland until the Nazi invasion. He was then moved with his family to the ghetto, then sent to Auschwitz. His children died in the ghetto, his wife was killed in the camp, while he was exhausted in forced labor. On release, he weighs only 37 kgs.

After the war, he remarried in Haifa, opened a confectionery, founded a family.

His daughter, Shula Kuperstoch, shows her father's respect for God.

 He believes he was saved because God wanted him to. […] He believes that everything has a reason in the world. […] He just lived his life, reached that age. It's just a reality. It wasn't in his hands. "


Photo credit: Dvir Rosen / Guinness World Records

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