DC Comics did not resist the 200 signatures of the petition against their "Jesus" halfway between superheroes and loser

So it's official. TV series Second Coming will ultimately not be produced by DC Comics.

Lhe news of a series featuring Jesus as a superhero had initially aroused curiosity. But the details disseminated on the character of the character of this Jesus and his story in the cartoon, had quickly provoked an outcry, because considered "scandalous and blasphemous". The synopsis described the story as follows:

“Witness the return of Jesus Christ, as he is sent on a most holy mission from God to learn what it takes to be the true messiah of mankind by becoming a roommate with the world's favorite savior: the almighty superhero Sun-Man, the last son of Krispex! "

A petition was then circulated asking DC Comics to stop producing the series. After 200 signatures, it's done.

At the time of the controversy, the author of the screenplay, Mark Russell had defended his project by explaining that he wanted to show that the Church today has nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus about it, but the argument had not convinced.

After the annulment decision, Russel spoke about Twitter, suggesting that the series will still see the light of day, through another production house.

“Regarding the cancellation of the order for Second Comming by DC / Vertigo. Just to let you know, DC hasn't done anything rude to me. I asked to reclaim the rights and they graciously agreed. Working with them has been a pleasure and it will always be published, but with a different editor. "


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