David Cameron: “Yes, we are a Christian country and we are proud of it. "

Sfollowing the various terrorist attacks, David Cameron, Prime Minister of England, recalls in his Easter speech in Downing Street that England is a Christian country. He explains that it should not be a shame, nor an invitation to belittle other beliefs. He wants his message for Easter to be « a message of hope for millions of Christians in England and around the world.« 

Barack Obama, then Senator in 2006, had expressed him a completely different opinion with regard to the United States:

“We have been, but we are no longer a Christian nation, at least not only. We are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, a Hindu nation, a nation of atheists. "

The English Prime Minister recalls the various social actions carried out by Christians in his country:

“At the heart of all these acts of kindness and courage are the values ​​and beliefs that have made our country what it is. Values ​​of responsibility, work, charity, compassion, pride in working for the common good and honoring the social obligations we have for each other, for our families, for our communities. We cherish these values. These are Christian values. They should give us the strength to say: Yes, we are a Christian country, and we are proud of it. "

Then he thinks of persecuted Christians:

“When we see Christians in 2016 being persecuted for their faith in other parts of the world, we need to assert ourselves and stand up with those who courageously practice their faith. "

David Cameron calls Christian leaders into a fight: help "Their Muslim brothers and sisters" to fight extremism.

“This is the big fight that awaits us. Our Muslim brothers and sisters want our help. We need to expand and help them in the battle against extremism. We need to build stronger and more resilient communities. We need to make sure that those who drift into extremism are pulled back. "

Cameron reminds us: “There is a place for faith. "


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