Cultivate joy

Contrary to popular belief, joy is an emotion that can be cultivated. Here are some ideas from Tommy Newberry's book, “The Philippians Principle 4,8. The secret of a life filled with joy “(ed. Vida). 

1. Don't base your value on what other people think. Your genuine worth is intrinsic: it comes from being a child of God. Agree with God who declares: “I love you with an eternal love; therefore I keep my loving kindness for you ”(Jer. 31, 3).

2. Forgive others promptly. Don't let a wound fester by paying too much attention to it. When you harbor bitterness or hostility, you are living in the past and you cannot realize your potential for joy.

3. Forgive yourself for your bad choices too. Acknowledge your mistakes and accept God's forgiveness.

4. Fix your thoughts on your qualities and not on your shortcomings. If you were like everyone else, what would you have to offer the world? Don't waste time comparing yourself to others but compare yourself to yourself in order to progress.

5. Eliminate negative words you say about yourself. The words you mumble to yourself have the power to encourage or discourage, to generate joy or to repel it. Speak as if you truly believe your prayers will be answered.

6. Take care of yourself. When you neglect wise habits regarding your health, become overworked and exhausted, you make yourself more vulnerable and you get stuck in the negative.

7. Exercise your spiritual eyes. Behind an event or situation, learn to see the potential that can emerge from it. Just as a parent doesn't worry about the trial and error of their baby taking their first steps: they know they will eventually walk.

S. Roulet

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