Cuba: reconciliation between Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow

February 12, 2016: almost 1000 years after the great schism in the East, the two religious leaders meet on “neutral ground”, precisely in Cuba, a country considered a few years ago as one of the last socialist dictatorships in the world.

LPope Francis has defined dialogue and reconciliation among Christians as a priority. Not long ago he asked forgiveness from the Lutherans. Today he meets Kirill 1er, Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow, at Havana Airport. The dialogue must focus on the relations between the two churches and on the situation of Christians in the East. At the end of a two to three hour interview, the two religious leaders planned to sign “The Declaration of Havana”, a historic six-page text.

One more proof that after years of persecution against Christians, Cuba is opening up to Christianity. After the massive arrival of Bibles in 2015, the country is today the scene of a highly symbolic meeting that will make a milestone in the history of the Church.

Elisabeth dugas

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