Covid-19: Miraculous birth of twins in Northern Ireland as their mom was in a coma

In Northern Ireland in Belfast, an expectant mother placed in a coma for 10 days due to Covid-19 has given birth to twin girls in perfect health. 

D32-year-old Belfast resident anielle Martin was affected by coronavirus when she was nine weeks pregnant. Seeing her condition deteriorate, the doctors decided to put her in a coma.

His companion, Bryan Green told the English newspaper The Sun that he was told at the time that it was "highly unlikely" that babies would survive this battle against Covid-19.

Parents today describe the birth of their two healthy little daughters as a "miracle".

A mother in Ireland who was diagnosed with coronavirus just nine weeks into her pregnancy and then placed in a two-week…

Published by Fox News on Samedi octobre 17 2020

It all started on March 30, 2020, when Danielle Martin started having trouble breathing. At the time, the northern Irishwoman was nine weeks pregnant. Urgently transferred to the hospital near her home, the young woman's condition rapidly deteriorated.

Doctors then informed the child's father, Bryan Green, that the baby was unlikely to survive this ordeal.

Finally, after ten days, Danielle Martin came out of the coma and the couple discovered that not only had the baby survived, but that they were expecting not one, but two little girls! News that took the young dad by surprise.

“I was able to talk to her on the phone and asked her about our baby right away, but nothing prepared me for what she told me, that there were two babies there- inside! "

The twins, Ava and Amelia, born on October 7, are now home in perfect health where they have joined their three brothers Jaiden, Parker and Joshua.

A great happiness for their dad who confides having trouble sleeping since he cannot help but contemplate his two “miracle” little daughters.

"I love having the girls at home even if I don't sleep anymore because I think my time watching them!" "

As can be seen on Bryan Green's Facebook page, in a snapshot posted last Friday, the twins are doing very well today.

Wee bit of shopping with my girls ❤❤

Published by Bryan J Green on Friday, October 23th



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