Covenant Eyes, an app to help you get out of pornography

Pornography is ubiquitous on the Internet these days. Become a real drug for some, many families have been broken up because of this scourge. For victims wishing to get rid of this addiction, an application has been created to help them in their process.e.

Covenant Eyes offers families the opportunity to protect their loved ones, and to protect themselves, from the dangers of the Internet thanks to an application and filtering software. Designed by evangelical Christians, the application blocks access to pornographic sites. So far, nothing new you tell me. Indeed, content filters are already a common practice in today's society where the Internet is becoming a real danger for both children and adults.

However, Covenant Eyes goes even further: the idea is to send a report to the person of your choice - your spouse, your best friend, a brother or a sister in Christ - when you try to visit a "deviant" website. The designers of the site explain that "Many church members are trapped in the cycle of sin and shame, thinking that they are alone in facing temptation."

In extreme cases, when you can no longer resist, there is a “panic” button that immediately cuts off the Internet connection. It will therefore be necessary to contact Covenant Eyes to unblock the system; it is an opportunity to confide in you about your addiction and to see you offered solutions. The website also links to articles with evocative titles such as “Three Ways Pornography Destroys Your Wife”.

Covenant Eyes is available on all media - computers, smartphones, tablets - and the service even works in private browsing. For all those who desire to get out of this hellish spiral of pornography, in addition to helping your loved ones and family in Christ, but also Bible teachings on the subject, Covenant Eyes could be an effective tool to help you. in your approach.

Anne-Muriel Rahaingonjatovo

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