Couples, pornography, adultery, identity… The Heart of Man could be an answer to your difficulties

Bring the Father's compassionate and merciful gaze on those who experience porn-addiction, sexual addiction, compulsive behavior, a double life, those who have suffered sexual abuse or who are in search of identity… This is what that Eric Esau offers through his film, The Heart of Man.

Au through a poetic evocation of the parables of the Prodigal Son and the Lost Sheep, The Heart of Man is a real outstretched hand, a marked path, a glimmer of hope for those who struggle in their privacy with issues that overwhelm them.

Getting out of guilt, perhaps shame, without leaving room for complacency and compromise… It is indeed the experience of Grace that we wish to reveal The Heart of Man. This undeserved grace that frees and restores all who hear the voice of the Shepherd, who decide to “go home,” and who experience grace, salvation and restoration in Jesus.

For there is no such thing as too desperate a situation, there is no such thing as too strong an addiction, nor insurmountable suffering for Jesus.

And to illustrate this message which is none other than the Gospel, the docu-fiction tackles sometimes taboo subjects such as pornography, identity, or abuse, and reveals the stories of redemption of several witnesses. William Paul Young, Dan Allender, a therapist specializing in sexual abuse restoration, and Jackie Hill Perry, a tumultuous artist, share their experiences and how God revealed Himself to them.

After the success of the unique screening organized on November 15 by Saje Distributions, it is now possible to obtain the film on DVD, to share it with others perhaps, and to make known the message of the Father's love to those who are bruised, lost and hopeless, and who unfortunately may have a mistaken idea of ​​how God looks at them.

“This docu-fiction is an invitation to leave behind a way of thinking about our relationship to God and to others too often damaged by a moralizing religiosity, and reveals the compassionate heart of God the Father for his sons and daughters, illuminating a truth centuries: shame is not a barrier to the love of God, but a bridge to absolute transformation, victory, freedom and hope. "

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Discover the Human Heart trailer.


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