Continue to train myself spiritually

In the world of work, we constantly offer and follow continuous training, to stay up to date and progress. But why shouldn't what is valid in professional life be valid in the spiritual?

Discover the five major advantages of continuing education.

1. It completes our knowledge

We will never finish learning, and the Bible encourages us to always want to acquire new knowledge, among other things because it nourishes our life of faith. Proverbs remind us that “knowledge will delight your soul”.

Knowledge is first acquired through reading. The Bible remains the book par excellence and it is never too late to make its study a priority. But we can also read books on themes that are close to our hearts: becoming a woman of prayer, communicating our faith to our children, finding our destiny, etc. There are enough choices in Christian bookstores! Let us not hesitate to take an interest in “non-Christian” literature, which will keep our gaze on the world sensitive and interested.

2. It complements the skills acquired during initial training

Our skills need to be sharpened! Christians are often involved in one area or another, especially in the Church. But let's ask the question: what do we like to do and what are our strengths? In the contact, the service, the young, the elderly, the teaching, the organization, the helping relationship, the music?

"Iron sharpens iron," Proverbs tell us. Observation is the first step: what do people who work in the same field as us have to teach us? Continuing education implies a certain humility: whatever experience we have accumulated, we will never know everything.
A second step is to follow specific training.

The opportunity to refine our skills in our field of action or to undertake something new and make a dream come true. For example by taking music lessons if you are part of the worship team, by following a course in childhood monitors or by training in the helping relationship (FORRAC, Empreinte Formation, etc.) .

3. It allows people who have entered working life to train throughout their professional career.

We just have to choose the pace at which we are going to train, according to our personality and our agenda. Certainly, certain seasons of our life do not allow an investment over several months, but let us remain open: why should this not be possible in the years to come?

4. It adapts to the evolution of techniques

Jesus said to his disciples: “Go! ". The idea of ​​continuing education is to move forward; our spiritual life is called to be in motion and to grow. Am I able to show curiosity and question some ideas I may have? Does God have any revelations to communicate to my heart? Every day new books come onto the market and seminars are organized.

A word of caution: let's be wise in our choices. We are not looking for the latest buzzword, speaker or author who is better than all the previous ones. We seek to know God more.

5. It promotes adaptation to the world of work

Continuing education in the spiritual realm should aim to help us to be more in our place. “So the body is not one member, but is made up of several members” (1 Cor. 12,14): what function do we have in the body? By continuing to train ourselves for this specific function, we allow the Kingdom of God to grow.

So let's listen to know what God has placed in us and to find out how to best serve him. By making wise choices, perhaps sometimes daring or costly in time and money, we allow God to increase the qualities that he has placed in us.

So, are you ready to continue training you and let him train you?


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