Overcome insecurity as a man of God

Toxic masculinity is a problem when it comes to gender relations, but it is also a problem when it causes men to be unhappy with who they are, or to belittle others in order to feel superior. .

When we allow our own pride to guide our decisions and prevent us from addressing the real insecurities we face, we risk plunging further down the dark path of relationship destruction.

The key to avoiding all of this, of course, is to never lose sight of who God says we are and to be continually in His word each day to rest in true contentment in Jesus. If we pay more attention to what the world tells us to be than to what God has already said we are, we will never be truly satisfied.

Remember that God has perfectly equipped us. As Psalm 139:14 reminds us, we are “a wonderful creature”.

It's not always easy to remember or even believe it, especially when we see our peers having the success we envy or living lives we wish we could live. We are jealous and, instead of resting in contentment, we compare ourselves to them.

We then buy ourselves clothes that do not correspond to our dress style or we create an image on social networks that is not ours. We speak a certain way or cling to a social group that we believe makes us appear the way we want to be seen.

Instead, let's be more like David. Let's get rid of that false armor that only pulls us down and appreciate the unique abilities and characteristics that God has given us.

Try to identify the times in your life when you have tried to put on the armor, where you have tried to dress like the giant you are about to face, and where you have tried to transform into something or someone else instead of just being who you are.

When you do this, remember who you are and the gifts God has given you.

There is literally no one else like you in the world. We don't need you to be someone else, we need you to be you. And when you don't feel like yourself, we need you to be vulnerable and talk about it.

Otherwise, not only do you deprive yourself of the glory that God has for you, but we also fall short of that glory. The world will not have the opportunity to experience what God has given to you, specifically.

Cole douglas claybourn

Article reproduced and translated from the site Crosswalk originally published in May 2021.

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