Aglow Lecture April 15-17 / Intimacy with God, a place of restoration and healing

The word "Aglow" comes to us from the English version of Romans 12:11 in which this term means "Radiant".

Aglow has been established in France since 1988 and started as a movement of Christian women of different denominations. Through Aglow, God touches women, brings them hope, healing, reconciliation, restoration and the revelation of their identity in Christ. These blessings extend to their families, their surroundings and their church.

From 2003, men seeing the work of God among women began to form “Aglow Men” groups in different countries. Today aglow is a group of men and women who shine and who like to encourage others by talking about who God is and what he really is in us. Aglow is the kingdom culture that transforms lives and a mindset that does not come from this world.

Each year our national convention takes place, it is a living meeting of edification, of deepening of the relationship with God. Praise in joy, and worship prepare hearts to enter into the presence of God.

The vision and mission of the movement are presented there. This is a great opportunity to get to know Aglow's work. We welcome different speakers each year. Specific themes are addressed each time and are intended to help everyone grow in their faith.

Here is the presentation for this year :




'' A place of restoration and healing ''

We invite you to join us to live together a powerful renewal in your intimate relationship awith God and enter into a newness of life!

Living intimacy with God is a source of life and power, it is a basis for acquiring Christian maturity.

Let's learn to cultivate this intimacy through a deep personal relationship with God, as Jesus had with his Father. 

Let’s let go of all fear, all negativity, all legalistic ideas, and let’s get into this process all over again, of listening, of trust with God who desires to bless, restore and heal each of us.

Let's get to know each other in HIM.

Praise, worship, prayer, testimony are on the program

WELCOME TO ALL ! - Open to all audiences (Women & Men)

Our speakers

aglow1-pat-chenPat Chen lives in the United States. She is the founder and president of “First Love Ministries International Prayer Center”. Involved in Aglow work for 40 years, she has served at all levels of this ministry and on the Aglow International Board of Directors. Pat Chen wrote two books, ''intimacy with the loved one '' and ''The depths of God''. Intimacy with God is the message of his life. She brings, with love, a sweet, fresh prophetic word from the heart of God.

aglow-2-robert-baxterRobert Baxter is pastor of the Bon Berger church in the Paris region, which he founded in 1991 with his wife Kathryn. Their family of churches and works has continued to grow and spread across France, Western Europe, America and Africa. He is president of the “Horizon Family of Churches” present in some twenty countries. He is also Director of the French branch of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem. Robert has written several books and speaks at various conferences and seminars.

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