In a coma, he has a near-death experience and claims to have seen Jesus

Stephen Musick says he saw Jesus while in a coma following a violent allergic reaction. Accounts of near-death experiences are always troubling, and Stephen's testimony adds to many who say they have had this life-changing experience in their lives.

IA few years ago, when Stephen Musick was in the Marine Corps, he was injected with the swine flu vaccine. For the military, vaccine injections are regular, because they must be protected against all pathologies encountered around the planet. But this injection will forever change Stephen's outlook on life, and especially life after death.

“I was allergic to the swine flu vaccine they were testing and had a dramatic and very violent reaction.”

Despite the strong allergic reaction, Stephen survived. After a particularly difficult month in terms of health, she was finally given an injection of antidote.

“I passed out in the emergency department and was in a coma for five weeks.”

Stephen says that he “went to heaven” during his coma and that he met Jesus. He remembers the sights, sounds, and conversations he says he had with Jesus.

“The most intense for me was the feeling of being in the midst of pure joy.”

He also experienced a great deal of freedom, “to be both held and tight and yet totally free”. He remembers having evolved in a natural or agricultural environment. There was a big oak tree, a wheat field, hills and mountains. The view was magnificent and brilliant.

But it is what he describes as an interview with Jesus that most marked the young man.

“Jesus was in his early thirties, with long brown hair, brown eyes, a dark complexion…. Not very tall, massive. ”

What hurt him was hearing Jesus tell him that he was not going to stay in heaven. And immediately after that word, Stephen woke up in intensive care, struck by the reality that he was alive and on Earth.

“It was not my destiny to stay in the sky at that time… The contrast between the sky and here is so stark that it leaves you delirious.”


source: Faithwire

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