CNEF once again persona non grata at the Elysee

The CNEF had already been left on the sidelines during the official greetings from the Republic to religious representatives at the beginning of 2016. The Elysee confirms this exclusion from the CNEF by not inviting any of its officials for the great day of meeting of the Protestants of France, organized on April 13 by François Hollande at the Elysee. Day to which 300 people were invited.

Clément Diedrichs, director of the CNEF, expressed his regret at this situation.

“Since this government has been in place, we have never been invited to the Élysée Palace. Nothing has changed, we take note of it. We regret it, especially since we have a larger number of practitioners than the FPF ”

Certainly the government does not count who has the most Christians, practicing or not, in this type of decision. Rather, it seems that the government seems to be sticking to the historical representatives of French Protestantism rather than extending this representativeness to more recent organizations like the CNEF.


Photo credit: Presidency of the Republic

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