Climber Craig DeMartino shares how his fall from a 30-meter cliff brought him closer to God

“When I was on the ground, the only thing I could feel was pain and confusion. God was not in my head at all. "

Craig DeMartino is an experienced climber. But in 2002, while he was climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park in the United States, his life changed. Craig will fall when he is 30 meters above the ground, the height of a 10-story building.

"I spent three months in the hospital and later in a rehabilitation center where I started to rebuild my life and my body", he explains on his Grand Site website.

Craig falls and hits a tree, about 6 meters above the ground. He then lands on the ground, on his feet. He explains, in remarks taken up by God Report :

“It broke my back, neck, both feet and ankles, ribs, punctured my lung and tore my rotator cuff. "

At this point, Craig knows God, but only thinks about his pain.

“When I was on the ground, the only thing I could feel was pain and confusion. God was not in my head at all. "

Rescuers come to his aid. The climber is transported to hospital by helicopter. Arrived in intensive care, Craig finally thinks of God. He realizes that he is a “false Christian” and that God was “an accessory in a life filled with other priorities”.

During his convalescence, the man then struggles with depression. One day, while reading a Bible reflection, which asked him how far he wanted God to go to get his attention, Craig realized that he had a misconception of God. He thought of him as a vending machine. Craig decides to change his mind.

This is how, as her body recovered, her faith grew stronger. Craig is now close to Jesus. He continues to climb the summits. He is a double bronze medalist at the world para-climbing championships.


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