Cinema: The power of Divine Mercy, a much needed message today

The docufiction film Faustina, Apostle of Mercy recounts the mystical life of Sister Faustina Kowalska, a Polish nun to whom Christ appeared in the 1930s, entrusting her with spreading the cult of Divine Mercy throughout the world. The docufiction, proposed by SAJE Distribution is now available on VOD-DVD.

The film's story 

In the 1930s, Sister Faustina received private revelations during many of Christ's appearances. The latter is responsible for spreading the message of his Divine Mercy to the whole world, a mission that Father Michel Sopocko, his confessor, will pursue after Faustina's death.

Who is Saint Faustina?

Hélène Kowalska was born on August 25, 1905, in Poland. At the age of 20, she joined the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy in Warsaw and became Sister Marie Faustina of the Most Blessed Sacrament. Her life is very simple: she works for her sisters in the kitchen, in the garden or as a porter.

But behind this simplicity hides a great communion with God. His 13 years of religious life were marked by great physical and moral suffering (illnesses, mockery, criticism) as well as by many mystical experiences. During an interview with Christ, she received a great mission: that of reminding the whole world of Her Merciful Love.

She also received from Jesus the request to have a painting made from what she herself contemplated during her mystical vision, and to have this image venerated throughout the world. All her mystical experiences and her conversations with Jesus were written down by the Saint herself, in the Petit Journal, at the request of her spiritual director, Blessed Father Michel Sopocko. Carried away by tuberculosis, she died at the age of 33, on October 5, 1938, in the scent of sanctity.

She was declared blessed by Pope John Paul II on April 18, 1993, the first Sunday after Easter. Then she was canonized on April 30, 2000, that same Sunday after Easter, by Pope John Paul II who also instituted the Feast of Divine Mercy.

The Message of Divine Mercy 

Three centuries after the message of the Sacred Heart in Paray-le-Monial where Christ evoked the ingratitude of men and called to repair, that is to say to love for those who do not love him, He is then address to Saint Faustina to extend and complete this message from the Sacred Heart.

Through Saint Faustina and her mystical experiences recounted in the Petit Journal, Jesus wants to remind the world that He is infinitely Merciful and that He forgives all sins, if we accept to repent, to allow ourselves to be loved and forgiven. by him. In one of the messages, it is said “Humanity will not find peace until it turns with confidence to my Mercy” (Petit Journal, by Sister Faustina).

If they do this, men will be inundated with graces and will experience True and Ultimate Joy. His message is therefore an invitation to trust, to love God and his neighbor and to live his faith in a very personal way. Jesus promises Saint Faustina that all these devotions to his Merciful Heart will prepare the world for his final return.

The opinion of many experts present in the film:

  • Sister Teresa de la Fuente, Filipino nun of the Congregation of Our Lady of Mercy.
  • Sister Michaela Rak, Polish nun of the Congregation of Merciful Jesus
  • Cardinal Henryk Hoser is the former superior of the Warsaw-Prague diocese and member of the presidium of the Polish Bishops' Conference
  • Bishop Krzysztof Nitkiewicz is the current Bishop of the Diocese of Sandomierz, Poland. He was in charge of the beatification process of Father Michal Sopocko.
  • Father Seraphim Michalenko was in charge of the process of beatification and canonization of Saint Faustina. He witnessed the first miracle attributed to the intercession of Saint Faustina who opened the beatification process in 1993.
  • Father Joseph Roesch, vicar general of the congregation of the Marianist Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Holy Virgin Mary and general promoter of Eucharistic Apostles of Divine Mercy

A very addicting docufiction which brings a lot of knowledge on the devotion to Divine Mercy and which makes you want to go even further.

Faustina, Apostle of Divine Mercy, available on DVD on the store SAJE and in VOD on Christian Film.

Watch trailer.

Claire de Lorgeril

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