Cinema: The life, the fight, the works of a pastor adviser to American presidents, an ardent defender of racial equality

The documentary film "Billy Graham: An Extraordinary Journey" recounts the edifying life of American pastor Billy Graham, world famous and fervent defender of human rights, who died in 2018. Through his radical faith and his passionate preaching, the pastor knew how to reach the whole world and contribute to the conversion of hundreds of thousands of people.

The film is screened in session E-cinema January 31 and February 2 and 4, on the virtual cinema platform Cuult - The 25th hour.

A biography based on unpublished archive images

Through rare archival footage and interviews with family members, friends, former presidents and celebrity entertainers, this documentary accurately traces the history and spiritual musings of this great religious leader of the United States. United.
Known as a pastor to presidents and an outspoken advocate for racial equality, we discover Billy Graham's unwavering faith lived through the challenges and tragedies of his life.

The documentary is based on footage showing Billy Graham, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Richard Nixon, Queen Elizabeth II, Franklin Graham, Cliff Barrows etc.

A preaching centered on the Kerygma

This great American evangelical preacher had a profound impact on the second half of the 215th century, preaching to more than 185 million people in XNUMX countries and territories throughout his ministry.

The faithful flocked in large numbers to attend his sermons, so much so that he filled entire stadiums with his missionary zeal. The strength of Billy Graham is to have been able to transmit a form of proclamation of the Gospel directly centered on the Kerygma, this heart of the Faith which brings people together, whatever their Christian denomination.

Following the first Apostles, who evangelized the Mediterranean basin by proclaiming this kerygma (as we discover by reading the Acts of the Apostles), Billy Graham never ceased throughout his life to tirelessly repeat this profession of fundamental faith, with unimaginable fruits of conversion. Here is the trailer of this very inspiring documentary:

This film was directed by Vonda Harrell, Daniel Camenisch, directors of My Hope America with Billy Graham (2013), When the World is Shaken (2020) and Change: Needing More (2020)

Billy Graham: an extraordinary journey available on January 31, February 2 and 4, in E-cinema session in the virtual cinema room: Cuult (The 25th Hour).

To learn more about Billy Graham, see the official website.

Claire de Lorgeril

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