Cinema: A new episode of the phenomenon saga "God is not dead"

Building on the success of the first three issues of God is not dead, the Reverend David Hill is back in service and making a strong comeback on the screens in a fourth episode of this breathtaking series.

This time, he is called to Washington DC to defend Christian families who home school their children. Convinced that the right to educate one's own children is a fundamental freedom worth defending, the pastor immerses himself in a case that could well have serious consequences for the future of religious freedom in the United States.

“Freedom is a fragile thing. It is only ever one generation away from extinction. »

These words resonate from the start of the film like a powerful death knell. They are those of the President of the United States and set the tone for the 4th installment of this phenomenal saga. The film appears to be of singular topicality, including in France, where the right to educate one's children oneself is today severely contested.

If the much appreciated spirit of the saga remains very present in this new opus, the subject stands out clearly. It is of course always a question of God, of evangelization and the fight for the Good, but also of a political fight: a fight for the freedom to educate one's children oneself at home, without going through a circuit of classical school.

While re-staging certain endearing characters already encountered in the first issue, such as the newly converted Muslim girl or the young Asian atheist boy in philosophy class, it powerfully reveals the current political issues present at the heart of American society, issues to which French society is already confronted, but to a lesser extent.

Each episode is independent. It is therefore not necessary to have seen the first three to appreciate this new episode of the saga. The film will be broadcast in first exclusivity by Saje Distribution on the virtual cinema platform Cuult' from April 25th with high-level speakers to animate a live discussion after the screening:

  •  Pastor Saïd Oujibou on April 25
  • Anne Coffinier, president of Create your school, April 26
  • Jean-Baptiste and Marie Maillard, authors of School at home, a fundamental freedom, April 28

A film that reflects in depth on a central political subject, too little discussed until now.

To reserve your place, go to the virtual cinema platform Cuult'.

Claire de Lorgeril

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