Cinema: DVD gift boxes for Christmas and for the whole family

The boxes "In search of faith", "Biblical peplums", "The popes of the twentieth century", "Faith against totalitarianism" will delight the older ones, but children will be able to find their account with the box set of season 3 of “Superbook” and the “Frère François” box set, two series, two original ways to explain the Bible to children. Boxes offered and available on DVD on the SAJE store.

Boxes for adults 

The In Search of Faith box set highlights stories of conversion. It brings together three films God is not dead by Harold Cronk, God is not dead 3 by Michael Mason and Jesus, the investigation of Jon Gunn. The first two films are part of the successful series God is not dead (composed of 4 parts).

The first part tells the story of a philosophy student who is challenged to prove the existence of God; in the third installment of God is not dead, a pastor must fight to have his church rebuilt after a deadly fire.

As for the film Jesus, the investigation, it tells the true story of Lee Strobel, who following the sudden conversion of his wife, will investigate in order to prove to him that Christ was never resurrected. When it was released in France, the investigation had reached nearly 100 people. A story of conversion where Jesus turns hearts.

The Biblical Peplums set brings together three different films, with big budgets and of recognized cinematographic quality.

Paul, Apostle of Christ by Andrew Hyatt with Jim Caviezel (the actor who plays Jesus in The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson), who plays Luke, the evangelist. Luke accompanies Paul (played by James Faulkner), imprisoned in Rome awaiting his execution. The second film in the box set, The Young Messiah by Cyrus Nowrasteh traces the childhood of Jesus Christ.

The final film, Samson by Bruce Macdonald tells the story of a biblical hero who received exceptional strength from God in order to free his people. Samson will go to war with the Philistine army and is ready to sacrifice everything to avenge his people and his God.

The Faith Against Totalitarianism box set brings together three films evoking the fate of three charismatic, courageous people imbued with a strong faith: Romero by John Duigan tells the true story of Archbishop Óscar Romero, martyr in El Salvador. Rafal Wieczynski's second film, Popieluszko, is set in communist Poland during the epic Solidarnosc.

The young Polish priest will challenge the communist regime through his homilies, calling for freedom of conscience and religious freedom. A punchy film on the life of a great martyr of the twentieth century. The last film in the box set, John Paul II by John Keni Harrison with Jon Voight and Christopher Lee plunges us into the romantic life of the Polish Pope, from his youth in Poland in the face of Nazism and Communism until his ascent to the highest function of the Roman Church.

A pope who changed the face of the Church and of the world.
The last box set, The Popes of the XXth Century, retraces for those who are passionate about the history of the Church, the life of four great popes of the XXth century: Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II. Four popes, four destinies which crossed the XXth century and which marked their time.

Boxes for children 

SAJE Distribution also offers two high quality 3D animation series sets. The first, the Superbook series, whose season 3 has just been released, combines humor and epic adventures, while respecting the sacred texts. Adults will discover a serious series there and children a nourishing source.

This didactic approach made the success of the first two seasons, and you will find the same ingredients in this season 3; pedagogy, seriousness, adventure and humor. A perfect approach to immerse yourself in the old and the new testament.

There is also the Frère François box set, which is aimed more at the little ones, from 3 years old. It is a more catechetical approach, a great way to initiate the little ones and to accompany their first steps on the path of Faith.

All of these boxes, for young and old will be intelligent, deep and inspiring gifts for the end of the year celebrations. Children will find answers to many essential questions. As for adults, they will be able to discover parts of Christian history and edifying paths of faith.

Find all of these boxes on the SAJE store.

Jean Damien Bouyer

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