Christine Boutin fined € 5000 for saying: "Homosexuality is an abomination"

In an interview she gave to Charles Magazine in 2014 Christine Boutin said: “Homosexuality is an abomination. But not the person. Sin is never acceptable, but the sinner is always forgiven. "

PFor this declaration, Christine Boutin found herself in court for "public provocation to hatred or violence towards homosexuals". The prosecutor, during the trial, summarized his position and his accusation as follows: "What we hear in your words is that homosexuals are an abomination". According to the lawyer for associations for the defense of the rights of homosexual persons, the judge considered that “to condemn homosexuality as a sin was a condemnation leveled on homosexual persons. For Christine Boutin, former deputy for Yvelines, this opinion was part of the Christian tradition.

Indeed, Christine Boutin was referring… to the Bible!

"You won't sleep with a man like you sleep with a woman." It is an abomination ”
Lev 18:22

“If a man sleeps with a man like sleeping with a woman, they've both done a terrible thing; they will be punished with death: their blood will fall on them ”
Lev 20:13

“It is for this reason that God gave them over to dishonorable passions: their wives replaced natural sexual relations with unnatural ones; likewise, men have abandoned natural relationships with women and are ignited in their desires for one another; they have committed scandalous acts man against man, and have received in themselves the wages which their error deserved. "
Rom 1: 26-27

Ms. Boutin's lawyer alerted the judge to this reference to the Bible by pleading:

“Your decision will have enormous consequences for freedom of expression. If you follow the prosecutor's requisitions, then you must seize the Bible! "

This condemnation, like the recent one of two evangelical Christians, lift concern among Christians in France.

From now on, will every priest, every pastor, every Christian who preaches, writes or affirms that he believes in these texts, because they are part of the book which is at the heart of his faith, be condemned to several thousand euros? fines and who knows soon to jail?

Do Christians no longer have the right, in France, to believe in the Bible and freely share their religious opinions? Will Christians soon in France be persecuted, condemned, thrown into prison if they do not give up believing in the Bible?


source: Le Monde

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