Without news of Christina, a little girl kidnapped by Daesh: "Part of our heart is no longer there"

Ayda, Christine's mother, relives every day the terrible moment when an Daesh activist snatched her little girl from her arms, before taking her far away, without her being able to resist this heinous act.

Lhe young mother and the child, then 3 years old, had simply gone to the hospital in the city of Qaraqosh, for a medical examination ordered by the militants of the Islamic State. It was in 2014. Two years have already passed. The family never saw Christine again.

“It was the last time I saw her. "

Ayda and Khader Abada recounted this tragic event to Open doors one year ago :

In July 2014, as the Islamic State jihadists invaded Mosul, then Qaraqosh in the Nineveh Plain, on August 6, hundreds of thousands of Christians and other religious minorities fled north. Khader, Christine's father being blind, the family is forced, like other frail or elderly Christians, to stay in the region, hoping for the mercy of the invader.

But on August 22, the jihadist militants gathered the Christians in a hospital, under the pretext of undergoing a check-up. The rest of the appalling story then recalls the dark hours of contemporary Europe and the Shoah. Daesh soldiers strip Christians of their gold and valuables before putting them on buses. Ayda, terrified, keeps Christine firmly in her arms.

During a final inspection of the activists on the bus, one of them brutally tears the little girl from her mother's arms and leads her off the bus. Ayda runs after them, imploring the man to return her daughter to her. Armed men finally lead Christine into a building. A man nicknamed "the emir" will finally come out of the building with Christine in tears in his arms.

“The emir didn't say a word, he just looked at me and waved his hand out of sight. "

Ayda is finally forced back on the bus.

“The man who was holding Christine left with her. It was the last time I saw her. "

Two years have passed since. The Nineveh Plain is gradually liberated, the Sharia decrees authorizing sexual slavery are repealed, but the suffering remains deep for Khader and Ayda.

The site Charisma News reports that the family have recently had signs of life. Christine is said to be living with one of the Christians who was also kidnapped and forcibly married to a jihadist. This woman would have managed to take the young child under her wing.

Christine is now 5 years old. A few days after her fifth birthday, the family found a photo of her on Facebook. They printed it and hung it in their makeshift accommodation in the refugee camp where they now live.


Aida and Khader's oldest son recently got married. He also lives in the refugee camp with the couple's 3 other children. But this Christian family of 7 is desperately awaiting the return of the eighth.


source: Charisma News

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