Christians demand justice for Deborah, Christian student stoned and burned in Nigeria

The Christian Association of Nigeria denounces "the failure of security agencies and the government to speak out against such crimes in the past which gave birth to terrorists and bandits".

Thursday, May 12, in Sokoto State, Nigeria, a Christian student, Deborah Samuel Yakubu was stoned to death by dozens of students from the Shehu Shagari school. The police say they then burned his body.

According to David Ayuba Azzaman, senior pastor at The King Worship Chapel and Ministries, Inc., whose remarks were picked up by Morning Star News, she was falsely accused of blaspheming Muhammad by a Muslim whose advances she had refused.

“Deborah Emmanuel was complaining in a class WhatsApp group chat about how they discriminate against Christians at school in assignments and testing in favor of Muslims. This is what they used as a criterion to say that she insulted Muhammad. She did not insult the Prophet Muhammad, but it was discovered that she had refused a Muslim man's offer to date her. This led him to accuse her of insulting the Prophet Muhammad. »

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) condemns this "illegal and despicable action" and calls for justice. "It was the failure of security agencies and the government to speak out against such crimes in the past that gave birth to terrorists and bandits," says the association press release.

The CAN calls for nationwide protests, on May 22, not in the streets, for security reasons, but in all the secretariats of the Christian Association of Nigeria, as well as in churches, or even in embassies, for Nigerian Christians in the diaspora .

For its part, the bishop of Sokoto, Bishop Mathew Hassan Kukah condemned an "inhuman act", which "has nothing to do with religion". He asks “the authorities to investigate this tragedy and ensure that all the culprits are brought to justice” and to Christians to “remain calm”.


Image credit: Morning Star News

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