Christian associations sound the alarm for Haiti

Since the earthquake of August 14, 2021 and the deployment of humanitarian aid, the situation remains terrible and alarming in Haiti. To date, it is difficult to see a way out of the crisis and the NGOs on the ground are wondering how to stabilize the bleeding in order to then work on the reconstruction and development of the country.

Haiti, a state in the Greater Antilles, is one of the poorest countries in Latin America and in the world. This nation occupies the western third of the island of Hispaniola, the eastern two thirds being occupied by the Dominican Republic. Its capital is Port-au-Prince.

For many of us, the very name of Haiti sounds like the name of a misfortune. Abandoned, set aside, unloved, it can even happen that we forget this Caribbean territory. However, the French Christian NGOs of international solidarity do not forget the Haitian people, despite the passage of time and the dramas that follow one another.

What is the Haiti platform?

From the end of the 80s, relations between churches, NGOs and Protestant institutions were formalized. The Haiti Platform was set up by the Protestant Federation of France and coordinated by the Defap. The coordination is in connection with the Protestant Federation of Haiti. It allows information sharing, common actions and fundraising for ongoing projects on site. The Biblical Mission is a member, as well asADRA-France, the La Cause Foundation for orphanages, the SEL and other organizations. In view of the emergency situation in the country, several actors of this Platform have already had the opportunity to exchange, and are preparing a series of new meetings in order to continue to support Haiti and work to unblock this situation.

The means deployed to overcome this impasse are:

  • Prayer,
  • Consultation and coordination of the actions of the actors (churches, associations, schools, etc.),
  • Raising public awareness of the alarming situation in the country.

The local partners in conjunction with the members of the Haiti Platform are trying to provide assistance, despite the disorganization and the risks caused by ever-pervasive criminality.

Défap, SEL and ADRA are members of the collective ASAH.

Amelie Roumeas

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