China: new translation of the Bible could create a real revolution for the Church

For more than a century, the Chinese have read a bible written in a language that most do not understand.

Aalmost years of work, the contemporary Chinese Bible is ready. The government allows its mass printing in Nanjing, the largest Bible printing company in the world. It even announces the large distribution planned after the Easter holidays.

Carl Moeller, of Biblica - The International Bible Society, note:

“This is a first in China: a translation legal, at a time modern et Contemporary. It could be a revolution for the Chinese church. "

Despite the persecution, China, which is currently experiencing a large number of conversions, will soon become the country with the largest Christian community, overtaking the United States.

Carl Moeller recalls:

“I think for many people who grew up in a time when the Chinese Communist government ruled with an iron fist, the only thing that could be done was pray. That's what churches all over the world have been doing. "


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