China: Famous Christian Website Shut Down by Government

Since March 1, new measures have been put in place in China to control the spread of religious information online. On April 12, a Christian website “Jona(h) Home” was shut down by the government. 

International Christian Concern reveals that on April 12, the Chinese Christian website "Jona(h) Home", which had existed for more than 20 years, published a text announcing its closure.

“For reasons known to all, from now on, our site can no longer serve brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you all for your visits and support over the past 21 years! “, can we read in this publication.

Speaking on Radio Free Asia on the matter, Father Francis Liu of the Chinese Christian Fellowship of Righteousness said the site's closure "reflects the way Chinese authorities are cracking down on Christianity".

“I am sad from the bottom of my heart that such a site has been shut down,” he continued, adding that “it is a compelling example of how China currently persecutes and oppresses religious freedom.”

Since March 1, measures have been taken by the government to prohibit the transmission of religious information on the internet. Religious groups wishing to have an online presence must obtain a government-issued license. However, it is estimated that more than 100 million Christians do not belong to these official churches.

Moreover, well before the introduction of this measure, biblical applications and Christian WeChat accounts had been closed by the Chinese government.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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