Cherry: From Buddhism to Jesus. "Now is the time, are you ready?"

Young Cherry grew up in a Buddhist family. Throughout his childhood, his life was marked by family faith and devotions to the temple. But in her child's heart, Jesus was nonetheless a character who called out to her.

Cherry grew up in this religious context. She became a beautiful and bright young girl, then met a young boy. He was a Christian and when it came time to talk about marriage, questions related to their faith became more pressing. In college, other Christian students often encouraged him to place his faith in Jesus.

“If you feel bad, let Jesus help you”

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But it is a revelation that will turn Cherry's life upside down, and make her a disciple of Jesus. While she still doubts and remains uncertain about her faith, the Lord revealed Himself to her through a dream.

“I fell asleep and when I woke up I realized I had a dream. In this dream I couldn't see anything but I heard a voice saying: 'Now is the time, are you ready?'… And I knew what it was… He gave me a sign .. ”

Cherry went to buy a Bible and began to read and meditate on it, and this personal encounter with Jesus was pivotal.

“It's crazy to wake up and see the change and what is happening… My parents saw it, my boyfriend saw it, my friends saw it and I said, 'You know , it is Jesus, he saved me '. ”

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Cherry was then baptized. It is based on this text from the Bible.

The Lord is my strength and my shield. In him my heart trusts, and I am helped. I have joy in my heart, and I praise it with my songs.
Psalm 28: 7

She ends her interview by calling on all those who doubt to place their trust in Jesus.

“Believe in the Lord, let Him heal you because I have never experienced anything like this before.”


source: Bellevue Memphis

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