Chastity panties are back in Germany to protect against rape

This is not a joke in bad taste, the chastity panties exist and they are even a huge hit with young German girls and joggers.

C 'is after she herself suffered an attempted rape by 3 men, while jogging a year ago, but also in response to the dramatic New Year's Eve in Cologne, that designer Sandra Seitzl decided to develop a chastity shorty, the Safe Shorts. Equipped with a lace closed by a padlock and an audible alarm, the shorty and the tracksuit, made of a material comparable to that of bulletproof vests, would allow an unfortunate victim to save time in the event of an attack and to give the alert.

Young girls, young women and joggers now feel unsafe when they are alone. Traumatized by the terrible night in Cologne and its 1200 victims and by the recent rape and murder of a 17 year old girl, daughter of a high German official, young women have very well received this new accessory. The jogging model is already out of stock.


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