Chad: a Christian hospital in the middle of the desert to be born in safety

It is in the heart of the Chadian desert, in a Muslim community, that Andrea and Mark Hotchkin have decided to invest in the health of the locals, supported by the BMS World Mission. She is an obstetrician gynecologist, he is an emergency doctor. They are Christians and have 2 daughters.

Lhe last 5 years, they have allowed 4200 babies to be born safely. And this has nothing in common in a country where the infant mortality rate is almost 9% and the maternal mortality rate is 980 per 100 births. At the end of 000, a second hospital opened, making it possible to envisage a peaceful birth for the 2015 babies planned for the next 10 years. Since the opening of this second center, the number of women wishing to give birth there has increased every month.

Work is also being done with women from neighboring villages, to provide care during pregnancy. They work in collaboration with Chadian Muslim midwives. Being born safe is a precious commodity, a miracle in some countries. Andrea thanks the English Christians who support this project:

" I want to thank you. Chadian women appreciate being able to give birth in better conditions. "

The mayor thanked Mark Hotchkin in front of the notables of the city, at the beginning of the year, for the work carried out.


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