Central Asia: Enrolled in a Christian youth camp to find his girlfriend, a Muslim teenager meets Jesus there

Damir, a 16-year-old student, met Jesus at a Christian camp held in secret. Coming from a wealthy Muslim family ofCentral Asia, he “was proud of his family status… and thought he could use people as he liked” until he met Jesus.

An last spring, Damir meets Kamila, a young Muslim girl. When she decides to participate in a summer camp, the young boy reserves a hotel room not far from there, in order to find her in secret. One morning, when Kamila is missing, the supervisors start looking for her. Sharifa, the director of the camp finally surprises them in the hotel room. Feeling guided by the Lord, Sharifa decides to tell the young man about his responsibilities towards Kamila, and invites him into the camp. Touched by his words, he accepts the proposal and declares to Sharifa the next day:

“I realize that I am a man and that I am responsible. I promise not to be alone with Kamila anymore. "

Damir then began to participate in the activities of the camp. He says he was touched by one of the topics discussed, “the biblical perspective for girl-boy relationships”. He realizes "that he needs an intimate relationship with Christ" and "feels responsible for not letting in sin." Damir and Kamila have remained friends, letting God do His will for their lives.

Now Damir "wants his parents and sisters to know Christ" but he fears "that they will oppose it". Young people who attend summer camps feel a desire to share the gospel with their parents. If some react in a positive way, others on the other hand, exert a strong pressure on these very young Christians in order to force them to give up their faith.

Several countries in Central Asia prohibit religious education and evangelism among young people. Talking about the Gospel to young people is therefore a real challenge for churches and for Christian parents. That is why Open doors supports this region by organizing camps to teach students about Jesus Christ.

Summer camps are bearing fruit. In 2016, 70% of the participants accepted the Lord Jesus. Most are from Muslim families. Sharifa speaks of a dramatic increase in the number of young people attending Sunday school. She came to the conclusion that "summer camps are one of the most effective methods of reaching children and adolescents with the gospel" and says that "it is a new generation of Christian believers who will change. the future of their country ”.


source: Open doors

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