Céline Dion launches a children's line of "gender-neutral" clothing whose morbid advertising leaves you speechless

The long launch advertisement Celinununu's gender-neutral clothing line has been generating a lot of digital ink lately.

Et indeed the discomfort sets in very quickly when dressed all in black, the singer Celine Dion enters a hospital nursery and blows black sequins on the babies in pink or blue pajamas, in order to allow them to "s. 'break free from gender codes and stereotypes'.

After his “magical” intervention, the pajamas (at $ 90 anyway…) are available in black and white. The boys and girls symbols turn into two + signs, the collection logo.

On the brand's website we can read some explanations:

“Celinununu frees children from traditional boy / girl roles, and allows young people to build on values ​​of equality, with the freedom to strengthen their own personality power based on mutual respect. "

Because Celine Dion, who says she gave a gender-neutral education to her 3 children, has now decided to advise young parents.

“Free the children so they can choose who they are. "

The famous singer offers for this a line (overpriced) mainly monochrome "enlivened" by geometric patterns and skulls, and sometimes even a slogan NEW ORDER, new order ... Enough to free our babies and children from 0 to 14 years.

While discovering the collection, one can only think of the anticipation films in which the characters are dressed in uniform and monochrome jumpsuits or tracksuits, and have no choice but to respond to the orders of an authority maintaining the hierarchy with firmness.

Funny choice for a brand that displays values ​​of freedom.

“We help them feel free, creative, inspired, respectful of each other and happy in the world. "

In any case, the publicity stunt is successful since this advertisement leaves no one indifferent.

And even the “non-gender” supporters express doubts about the relevance of the collection, because “Halloween is only once a year”… They don't hesitate to talk about advertising spots soft and.

On Twitter, some even directly addressed the singer:

“That you don't want to have a gender identity is something. But this ideology must not militate for the erasure of those who are comfortable with identifying ... "

Others are quick to speak of "brainwashing" altogether.

Asked by Christian news, Pastor Ray Ortlund Jr. said of gender standardization.

“The very fact that God created human beings in a dual male-female fashion warns us against an ungendered equation of both sexes. This deep and beautiful distinction, which some consider "a simple anatomy", is not a biological triviality, nor an accident. It is God who wants men to be men and women to be women. "


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