Celine Dion tested, she just lost her husband and brother in the same week

Thursday January 14, René Angelil, husband and manager of Celine Dion died of cancer. Celine Dion was preparing this year for spend his last Christmas with him. 2 days after this terrible tragedy, on January 16, it was Celine Dion's brother, Daniel Dion who also died of cancer, at the age of 59. Daniel was the eighth child of Celine Dion's big siblings of 14 siblings.

Dn the whole world, many demonstrations of support for Céline and homage to René were expressed. In France, Line Renaud's tender words of consolation, on January 17, caught the attention. It was the day before Celine Dion's brother died.

Poor Celine must be devastated. I experienced this vertigo: when the man who accompanied you both as an artist and as a woman disappears, everything crumbles around you. But I would like to remind Celine that she loved him and that he loved her. And that is stronger than death. He will always be there. Be strong, Celine!

In the French evangelical world we will also notice the words of support of Sébastien Fath.

Born into a conservative Catholic family, Celine Dion believed early in her career that her voice was a gift from God to send messages. This faith in God then became a vague “faith in something”, whether it was a moment of happiness or a flower.

Faced with the absolute of death, the question of eternity arises and we hope that in these moments of trial Celine Dion once again turns her heart towards the only living and true God, revealed in Jesus Christ. We also think of Céline and René's 3 children who have just lost their dad, they need consolation in these moments of mourning and certainly also to discover God as their Father.


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