How does celibacy prepare us for marriage?

Many people view marriage as the next step after professional career and social success, as a sort of culmination of personal life.

DIn this perspective, the risk is unfortunately great to move from one relationship to another, and not to understand what is the value of the couple in the eyes of God. The Bible tells us that God instituted marriage in Genesis 2. Adam led a simple life, watching over the garden, eating the fruit, and having a close relationship with God. Adam didn't think about the pain associated with loneliness. It was God himself who provided for this aspect of Adam's life.

Thus, by prioritizing God during our celibate period, we leave the possibility for God to provide for Himself, according to His perfect purpose.

We thus place ourselves in the perspective of God and leave the field free to bless us in the way that will fulfill us. Was he not the one who declared that “it is not good that man is alone”.

It is you who formed my kidneys, who woven me in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am such a wonderful creature. Your works are wonderful, And my soul knows it well. My body was not hidden from you, When I was made in a secret place, Woven in the depths of the earth. When I was only a shapeless mass, your eyes saw me; And on your book were all written The days that were meant for me, Before any of them existed. How impenetrable your thoughts, O God! How many are there! If I count them, they are more than the grains of sand. I wake up, and I am still with you.
Psalm 139: 13-18

So how can Adam's story inspire you today? How does celibacy prepare you for marriage?

  • It allows you to focus on God, not on another person.
  • It allows you to dedicate yourself to the service of God.
  • It allows you to be shaped and to grow.
  • It allows you to trust God to help you choose the right person.


source: Christian today

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