Camille's editorial of January 31, 2022: Christian Fraternity

On January 23, 1846, 800 evangelical leaders from eleven countries, representing fifty-two Christian denominations, gathered in London and founded the Evangelical Alliance, which became the World Evangelical Alliance in 1912.

On this anniversary, the AEM launched last January 23 a year of commemoration to celebrate its 175 years of existence.

The context of the time, with in particular the "second great awakening", which is dated from 1791 to 1842, had created a "desire for Christian brotherhood beyond the borders of the Church and of geography, in particular in the British Isles and the United States," the organization reports. A momentum which is, among other things, at the origin of its creation.

This "desire for fraternity" is also the one evoked by the Protestant Federation of France in its "address of Protestantism" to presidential candidates published on Monday.

In ten themes and ten questions, the Protestants intend to emphasize the main subjects which concern them and on which they themselves are committed, ”indicates the FPF.

On housing, youth poverty or digital insecurity, she notably asks candidates for their program so as not to “leave behind” fraternity.

It is also this surge of “Christian fraternity” which should encourage us to pray for the persecuted Church. Today's news draws our attention to Christians in Nigeria and India.

Last December, Christians in a house church in India were targeted by Hindus, who came to insult them during worship. According to Morning Star News, the attackers, members of the Hindu extremist group Bajrang Dal, invited local journalists to witness the scene of violence, in order "to stir up public sentiment against Christians".

We also deplore a series of attacks in Nigeria. On January 23, 4 Christians were killed in the village of Dong. While on January 11, in the village of Ancha, 18 Christians were killed. 500 bullets were found at the scene. Stephen Rache, an American lawyer who works with persecuted Christians in Iraq and Nigeria denounces the abdication of the Nigerian government in terms of the security of its citizens.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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