Burundi risks falling back into the drifts, it needs our prayers!

Burundi is a small country in Central Africa located between the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west, Rwanda to the north and Tanzania to the east and south. Out of a population of over 9 million, over 75% are Christians. Since the end of April 2015, Burundi has been experiencing a violent political crisis which has already claimed the lives of hundreds of people and caused the departure of more than 200 people, according to the UN.

THEThe origin of this crisis is the controversial candidacy of President Pierre Nkurunziza for a third term which he obtained in the July 2015 election. Friday, December 12, 2015, Burundi experienced violence which was the worst recorded since the beginning of crisis ; After attacks that were carried out, on the night of Thursday, December 11, 2015, by rebels on military camps in Bujumbura (the Burundian capital), a bloody repression followed.

In a single day, more than 200 people were killed by the police: police and soldiers. The majority are young people living in neighborhoods of Bujumbura who demonstrated against President Nkurunziza's third term. Local sources indicate that the death toll of young people is far higher than the figures so far advanced by the spokesman of the Burundian army, figure of 79 rebels killed; as the Burundian authorities rushed to bury the bodies in mass graves to supposedly "prevent the spread of disease".

However, the residents of Bujumbura accuse the authorities of wanting to remove the evidence of a massacre allegedly perpetrated by the security forces. According to local and international media such as the newspaper Le Monde, which quotes: “ a bloodbath behind closed doors », The corpses found in the streets and in houses of Bujumbura executed by a bullet in the head, hands tied behind their backs are almost all young people belonging to the" TUTSI "ethnic minority.

In a statement released on Saturday, December 13, 2015, the US State Department ordered " American personnel who are not essential and their families ", To leave the country, also recommending all Americans not to go to Burundi and those there to leave" as quickly as possible ".

US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power on Wednesday urged the organization to prepare more actively to act in Burundi, which is, according to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, on the brink of civil war.

From our correspondent in Burundi
Quentin Irihojournalist

Would you like to respond to Quentin's call to pray for Burundi? Your prayer will be effective for God to intervene in this country but if you are also keen to show your support for the people of Burundi then you can click below and join the prayer campaign for Burundi on Top Chrétien.

In these times of trial it will be a great comfort for the Christians of Burundi to see their brothers and sisters from all over the world supporting them and standing beside them in prayer!

I pray

Fabrice Nzeyimana, Burundian Gospel singer spoke in these strong and striking words about this crisis:

fabrice2I like to see but above all to contemplate what escapes my five senses because that is what often has a meaning. Beyond this torn Burundi that all the feathers describe to us with futuristic accuracy, I see the birth of a Burundi that will no longer be the same, a Burundi that will get on its feet to move towards its destiny; a Burundi which will be a mountain of rest where the world will come to worship the name of God and proclaim that Jesus Christ is alive.

A Burundi which will breastfeed its children with love without sending them to beg in the street, a Burundi which will see its children grow old and celebrate their old age; Yes, this country is being born to us. It's hard to see him coming on the horizon, but he's close to us.

This Burundi is in our hearts, we all dream of this Burundi without corruption, without killing and without injustice ... even the forces of evil will be fed up with evil and will kneel at the feet of PEACE. I see weapons forged against this country bend and rebel; I see them refusing to function. I see the tricolor flag elegantly hoisted above our heads. I see the cursing mouths being closed by an invisible hand. I see the feet which run towards the evil taken by a general paralysis and the haughty eyes dazzled by a divine light which has not yet said its last word.

I see the unity of our people become reality and Burundi Bwacu take on its meaning on our lips. I confess and proclaim that as long as you and I believe in this glorious day and sweep past our plot this dream will come true. We have long lived in compromise and we have never known how to differentiate right from wrong. But the hour is coming and it has already come when the evil will no longer be tolerated and the good will be our share.

I see the strength of love surpassing the strength of hate and burying the dark past of our history. This will happen with or without us. What to do then? You certainly feel misunderstood, maybe you think you have the right to take revenge against those who harm you or those who have persecuted you for a long time. You think you have the capacity to teach your opponents a lesson, you think about defending yourself or using your strength to eliminate any threat ...

No, I choose to believe that you are smarter than that, I choose to believe that you will see what I see when I close my eyes: the children's smiles and not the crowded bodies. I choose to believe that you will see in the eyes of each being in front of you the image of the creator, I choose to believe that your humanity is even stronger than any depravity that this world could have caused in you. I choose to believe that every being cannot be because he is, therefore you are and you are because I am, Ubuntu (Humanity) demands ...

I choose to believe that Burundi will astonish the world by choosing the path of peace and by disagreeing with all violence. This is the image I choose to keep in my mind; this is the conviction that I will keep forever.

Burundi you are what God says you are !!!

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