Burmese army raid on refugees: "Three dead and seven wounded, all Catholics, a lot of terror and sown tears"

A Burmese army raid on refugee camps killed 3 civilians, including a 7-year-old girl.

In Myanmar, sources from the Catholic Church revealed that Tatmadaw, the Burmese army, launched an airstrike on January 17 on refugee camps in the forests near Loikaw.

THEAgenzia Fides mourns the death of three Christians, two sisters aged 7 and 18, and a 50-year-old man.

“Three dead and seven wounded, all Catholics, a lot of terror and tears sown. »

A local witness reports "two combat helicopters" which allegedly “dropped four bombs around 1:15 a.m. Monday.”

The displaced, including many Christians, had sought refuge in the forest following clashes between the army and the People's Defense Forces in Loikaw, capital of Myanmar's eastern Kayah state, and the surrounding villages.

The victims cited all came from the village of Moso, site of the "Christmas Massacre" where the charred bodies of at least 35 civilians, all Catholics, were found on 24 December.

A believer from Moso bears witness to the persecution of Christians, who nevertheless keep “trust in God, Savior and protector, in the certainty that he does not abandon us”.

“We have nothing, we need everything, but the Lord will provide it. »

U Htay is a resident of Loikaw. He claims that “the capital is becoming a ghost town without movement”.


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