BUILDING the Life of a True Servant of God: A Virtual Conference with Pastor Miki Hardy

Join Pastor Miki Hardy and the thousands of pastors and church leaders already registered on May 26 and 27 for the fourth and final edition of BUILD, a virtual and international conference whose theme will be "the life of a true servant of God ".

Pastor Miki Hardy has for many years an international ministry with pastors. He has at heart to transmit the sound doctrine of Christ which the Church needs so much. 

Throughout his experiences, he observed how the Gospel message was sometimes perverted by false doctrines with the servants of God as primarily responsible. It is, among other things, from this observation that the BATIR project was born, a series of four international virtual conferences intended for pastors to bring them a message centered on Jesus and to restore His church.

“The Church cannot be other than what the pastor announces or preaches,” recalls Miki Hardy.

Thanks to a large network of churches, particularly in Africa, these conferences organized by CTMI (Church Team Ministries International), a Christian organization of which Miki Hardy is the founder, have already brought together thousands of pastors. The latter describes a “snowball” effect which he attributes to a movement of the Holy Spirit.

The BATIR conference was a real work of the Spirit, I would even say an unexpected movement of the Spirit. We thought we would reach a thousand pastors but we were finally overwhelmed. »

While some were able to log on to view the messages, many without internet access had to gather in “host churches”. A distribution system was organized for each of the conferences with the sending of USB keys containing the pre-recorded messages as well as equipment to be able to view them in the four corners of the African continent.

Each of the first three BATIR conferences have already brought together online and in host churches more than 25.000 pastors in more than a hundred countries, on five continents and in 13 languages. Figures probably well below reality since the USB keys that have been shared on a large scale continue to be shared without the knowledge of the organizers.

A large-scale work which seems to have borne fruit since the testimonies of pastors, who have seen their lives and their ministry transformed by this fundamental message, are multiplying. Some have repented of preaching false doctrines. Others have had their marriages restored, while still others report experiencing the power of forgiveness.

"We don't want to try to believe it's because of us, it's only because of God," said Pastor Miki Hardy.

The fourth edition of BATIR will be held on May 26 and 27, its theme will be “the life of a true servant of God”. All pastors who so wish are invited to participate in this latest edition of the conference on the CTMI website.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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