"Brother", available on DVD and VOD: Discover the joy of words, the shock of the ghetto

“Brother”, the magnificent documentary released in cinemas last November under the SAJE Distribution banner, is finally available on DVD and VOD!

This documentary film, directed by the talented Arnaud Fournier Montgieux, follows in the footsteps of Brother François, a young French engineer who left everything to live in homespun robes and sandals among the Franciscans of the Bronx, in the United States, in the ghetto. of Newark, New Jersey.

Thanks to moving testimonies, this film immerses us in the intimacy of a man who chose to dedicate his life to the social misery of the modern world, between drugs, crime, gangs and poverty. Brother is also the contrast between two worlds that a priori everything opposes but which nourish each other: the community of brothers, living to the rhythm of prayers and silences, and the agitated and fragile urban world.

The film strives to introduce us to a series of moving, lucid characters, with wounded humanity but radiant with hope. Like Roberto, drug dealer back from everything and rapper with a hard-hitting flow or Ryan, former addict to heroin, theft and violence.

The Capuchin friars welcome the crowd of anonymous people to their convent for a hug, a coffee or a soup kitchen. The camera shows us the raw, poignant reality of this life in one of the most miserable neighborhoods in the United States and lingers for a long time on the weathered faces of these beings abused by life, on the pure beauty of the cherry trees in flower, on the candles whose light multiplies, in the night of Easter, illuminating the crowd.

She reminds us that a gesture of tenderness, no matter how small, is never in vain and illuminates the world.

Brother now available in DVD (€19,99) on La Boutique Saje and in VOD on The Christian Film.

Agnes Duval

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