Brazil: a pastor elected mayor of Rio

It was in a context of corruption, and after the historic defeat of the Workers' Party, that the second round of municipal elections took place in Brazil for 2 million voters.

Rio, it is Marcello Crivella, 59, member of the Brazilian Republican Party and pastor of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (EURD) who won by 59,37% of the vote against Marcelo Freixo, deputy of extreme left (Socialism and Freedom party).

This controversial figure for what he calls lamentable youthful mistakes was the poll favorite. It promises zero tolerance against delinquency.

In his victory speech, he states:

“We have four years to build the Rio de Janeiro of our dreams. […] We will not fall into the trap of revenge. […] I think of God. I represent the hope of those who struggle and the faith of those who never give up. "

This victory recalls the rise of Pentecostalism in Brazil. André Corten, professor of political and social sciences at the University of Louvain, remarks that “the growth of evangelicals is spectacular. Every census shows an increase ”.


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