[Opinion] Black Thursday at the National Assembly for the right to life

They did it ! This Thursday morning, October 8, by 102 votes to 65, the deputies voted in first reading to extend from 12 to 14 weeks of pregnancy (16 weeks of amenorrhea) of the legal deadline for abortion.

Lhe pretext is still that of "obstacles to women's rights", while France, with 232 abortions in one year (or about one for three births), has been beating its own records of abortions for thirty years (NB: less 000 in Germany). On the afternoon of that same Black Thursday, the LREM majority of the National Assembly was working to put an end to the shows of wild animals in traveling circuses and dolphin or killer whale acts, in the name of " animal suffering ”. Thus the same who want to ban circus shows to put an end to "animal suffering", authorize the elimination of unborn children, even if it means crushing their skulls because of their development after 100 weeks. Firmly opposed to this extension to 000 weeks of abortion, the National College of French Gynecologists and Obstetricians (CNGOF) is alarmed by the "form of indifference of parliamentarians to the reality of gestures they do not know".

This bill (text initiated by parliamentarians not to be confused with a bill, at the initiative of the government) was brought by the member of the EDS group (Ecology, democracy, solidarity) and ex-LREM Albane Gaillot. Supported by the entire left-wing opposition, it embarrasses the government. According to Le Canard enchainé, the president would be "furious" that this "social debate" was discussed "on the sly" in the National Assembly. Not certainly because of pro-life convictions which would have suddenly occurred to him, but of the desire to save appearances of a “moderate” political positioning, and of the effect which he fears on the medical profession if this homicidal text were definitively. adopted at second reading, at the end of the parliamentary shuttle between the two chambers. Many gynecologists and midwives will indeed refuse to perform an act that clearly resembles infanticide. Although obliged by this text to communicate "immediately" to the person concerned "the name of practitioners likely to carry out this intervention", which constitutes a serious attack on the freedom of conscience which is opposed by the National Union of Gynecologists and Obstetricians of France (SYNGOF) and the National Council of the Order of Physicians, these physicians and midwives could nevertheless always enforce for themselves their right not to perform abortion in the name of the general conscience clause provided for in article R. 4127-47 of the public health code. Concretely, far from having the "liberating" effect displayed by the promoters, this extension of the practice of abortion could end in hindering it, as pointed out by the National College of French Gynecologists and Obstetricians (CNGOF).

Politically, this vote on article 1 of the bill betrays the weakness of the government. The LREM group has chosen to emancipate itself by supporting the majority of the EDS bill. Out of the 74 walking deputies present when this article 1 was voted on, 56 voted for, 12 against, and 6 abstained. Destabilized, the government seeks to procrastinate. Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health, invoking a "wisdom opinion", announced a referral from the government to the National Consultative Ethics Committee (CCNE) "because of the potential health risks for the woman who will have an abortion between 12 and 14 weeks ”. CCNE must deliver its opinion in November, before the text goes through the Senate. From CCNE, we can expect a half-goat, half-cabbage opinion. Ultimately, this "wisdom advice" is nothing but a Pontius-Pilate device intended for the government to display reservations without being at odds with its chagrin majority. Thus in the middle of the summer, Olivier Véran had already allowed the vote to extend the medical interruption of pregnancy (IMG) allowing an abortion until the end of the pregnancy in the event of "psychosocial distress". , while it did not appear in the government's bioethics bill (cf. LSDJ n ° 1030).

source: Le Figaro

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