Bioethics: The Senate Special Commission notes new abuses

Tugdual Derville denounces the abuses of the additions made to the bioethics bill: "sorting of embryos by PGD", "baby-drug", and "ambiguous removal of the conscience clause for physicians for the IMG".

Anear the National Assembly, it is now the turn of Senate to look into the revision of the draft law Bioethics. The law has already been amended and dealt with by the special commission. Tugdual Derville, General Delegate of Alliance Vita, expressed himself in a press release.

“The votes of the special committee call for the greatest reservations and we hope that in sitting the senators will have more prudence and wisdom. Article 1, establishing the 'PMA without father' has unfortunately not been deleted, with close to 4 votes. Admittedly, the members of the committee have suppressed the reimbursement of assisted reproduction except because of infertility, which is sure to provoke outcry. But this spectacular point should not obscure the many drifts added to the deputies' text: addition of new eugenic processes by sorting embryos by PGD; reintroduction of the so-called 'baby-drug' double-sorting process; ambiguous deletion of the conscience clause of physicians for the IMG. If the Senate does not take into account the increased eugenics induced by this text, it will miss a date in the face of history. Moreover, the locking against the risks of surrogacy (refusal of a total transcription of foreign civil statuses when they do not mention the surrogate mother or when they include two 'fathers') only very partially compensates for these aggravations. All in all, we ask the senators to have the courage to oppose in the hemicycle to the general economy of this law which, as it stands, does not deserve to be called bioethics. "

In front of the PMA without father, he then launched a call for mobilization on January 19.

“Society will progress on condition that it respects its most fragile members, and the supporting walls of human ecology that are fatherhood and motherhood. It is in this spirit that we call to intensify the national mobilization of Sunday, January 19, 2020 with the platform Marchons enfants! "


Source: Press release, Alliance Vita.

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