Bioethics: The controversial bill continues its parliamentary journey

The bioethics bill, whose flagship measure advocates the extension of medically assisted procreation to single women and female couples, returned to the National Assembly on Monday for a third reading. 

The exam in third reading du bioethics bill, which began its parliamentary journey in 2019, began on Monday, June 7 and will continue throughout the week. Almost three years later, after two examinations in each of the chambers, deputies and senators failed to come to an agreement during the joint committee of parity on February 17, which explains this new reading.

In tribune published in La Croix on May 28, more than eighty parliamentarians, members of the Republicans party, called on the government to postpone consideration of this bill, saying that the two chambers will never reach an agreement, "so much the divisions are deep ”.

However, the government seems in a hurry to see this law adopted, "We are finally there" declared Monday the Minister of Health Olivier Véran who promised that "couples of women will be able to enroll in PMA courses from the start of the school year" reports l 'AFP. Words echoed by Marlène Schiappa, Minister for Citizenship during her visit to BFMTV-RMC on monday.

“I hope the law will be passed and enacted by the summer. The Minister of Health Olivier Véran said he wanted there to be the first assisted reproduction babies, finally the first pregnant women of the assisted reproduction, from the start of the school year. "

The Minister also spoke about the support of this procedure by social security, affirming to be "very attached to the idea of ​​reimbursement". However, she reaffirmed her opposition to surrogacy which, according to her, "opens the way to the commodification of women's bodies".

Yet this is what the demonstrators of the group of associations Marchons enfants denounce, gathered in front of the National Assembly: an open door to the commodification of the female body if the bioethics bill is adopted. They protest by brandishing a baby shaped inflatable balloon decorated with the euro symbol and a bar code.

In the hemicycle, the deputies will have to examine more 1 amendments (1 exactly). Monday, they began by working on the first article of the text, the most emblematic, which opens assisted reproduction to single women and female couples. This article which had been rejected by the Senate last February, was reinstated by the deputies in a special committee. As for the mention "There is no right to the child", also added by the senators in the text and defended by LR deputies, it has been deleted.

At the end of this third reading, the bill will be examined again by the Senate on June 24, but the National Assembly will have the last word.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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