Bioethics bill: The text is back in the National Assembly

This Tuesday, June 1 begins a new examination of the bioethics bill in the National Assembly in a special committee. Despite opposition from the right, the majority seems determined to bring the text back to its original version. 

While a new examination of the bioethics bill will begin at the National Assembly this Tuesday, June 1 in a special committee, more than eighty parliamentarians, members of the Republicans party, have signed a tribune Friday May 28 in La Croix to call on the government to postpone it.

"We invite the executive to reason and respect the French" write the signatories of this forum who recall "the impossibility of a convergence on this text" between the National Assembly and the Senate, citing the words of the president of the joint committee held on February 17, Agnès Firmin Le Bodo:

“The differences that have been exposed bear witness to the vitality of our democratic debate. However, they are very deep and prevent us from reaching an agreement. "

The two chambers have in fact proposed two different versions of the text. The question of assisted reproduction for couples of women and single women, for example, which MEPs are in favor of while senators abolished assisted reproduction without medical reason at second reading in February 2021.

The reason for psycho-social distress for the medical termination of pregnancy or the creation of chimeric or transgenic embryos are other important points of divergence. Because the divide between the two chambers is too "deep", deputies and senators, signatories of this platform denounce a maneuver by the executive to obtain the adoption of this text, however controversial.

“As this will not make it possible to reach a common text, so deep is the divide, he knows very well that it is the National Assembly which will have the last word. Suffice to say that the presidential majority will then have a free hand, ignoring the work of the Senate, the opposition of many deputies to the most divisive measures and the conclusions of the States General on bioethics organized in 2018. "

The forum also protests against "a catastrophic lack of sense of priorities and responsibilities" on the part of the government which while the French face "immense difficulties" and that "the health crisis is not over" , gives his attention to this bill.

“These societal and bioethical debates must be postponed and not take place during a period of state of emergency. »Conclude the parliamentarians.

They were obviously not heard because examination of the text in a special committee at third reading will begin this Tuesday June 1 at 21 p.m. as scheduled. And if deputies and senators do not find an agreement, it will be up to the National Assembly to decide.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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