Bioethics: Invitation of the Catholic Church to four Fridays of fasting and prayer

On February 2, the bioethics bill will return to the Senate for a second reading. In the meantime, the Conference of Bishops of France is offering four days of fasting and prayer to ask God "for the grace to open our eyes". 

Lhe Conference of French Bishops (CEF) published a Press release Wednesday January 13th to call "all Catholics as well as men and women of good will" to four days of fasting and prayer. A call that arises in the context of the bioethics law which will return to second reading before the Senate on February 2.

The Catholic Church has been criticizing this text for some time for some time. respect for human dignity. The bishops denounce a bill which “entails serious risks for our society by upsetting the order of human filiation”.

They accuse him, among other things, of opening up "a right to the child" instead of defending the rights of the child as well as of organizing research on human embryos which "do not respect their dignity" and do not do not have "their health as a primary objective" but an "improvement in the success of the medically assisted procreation technique".

The CEF deplores a "diffuse blindness to the dignity of every human being", which is why the bishops wished to launch this call to fasting and prayer for four Fridays on January 15, 22 and 29 as well as on February 5. A spiritual process to be experienced alone or with others, so that God can come "to open the eyes" of all to the dangers of this bill.

Concretely, it is a spiritual journey over four days with prayer intentions, texts from the Bible to meditate on as well as proposals to better understand the issues of the bill.

It is “with a peaceful but relentless heart” that the bishops wish to participate in the creation of a “society of love and hope in truth and respect for human dignity”. Affirming that without this, “fraternity” advocated in the motto of France would only be an “illusion”.


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