Bioethics: For Michel Aupetit, Archbishop of Paris, "if we are silent, the stones will cry out"

Press release from Michel Aupetit, Archbishop of Paris.

Awhen the Senate considers the revision of the bioethics bill, and that the collective Walk Children prepares the demonstration which will take place on January 19 to say no to the PMA without Father, the Archbishop of Paris, Michael Aupetit, posted a communicated to call for an "urgent awareness".

'If we are silent, the stones will cry out' (cf. Lk 19:40).
After we start destroying the planet, are we going to allow our humanity to be disfigured? Who will dare to raise their voice?

As the Senate examines the bioethics bill, awareness is urgently needed. For years, we have been committed ever further towards a mercantile drift of well-off countries which afford the luxury of organizing eugenic trafficking with the systematic elimination of the most fragile, the creation of transgenic embryos and chimeras.

How is it that our society so concerned, and rightly so, about the respect of ecology for the planet, is so little when it comes to humanity? Everything is connected.

I repeat once again: the child is a gift to be received, not a due to be made. The absence of a father is a wound that can be suffered, but it is monstrous to inflict it on purpose.

As the Permanent Council of the French Bishops' Conference has just recalled, the right to conscientious objection in these areas must be guaranteed in the name of freedom.

There is still time for the legislator to pull himself together, to dare to go beyond ideological postures and for all citizens to make the voice of common sense, conscience and human fraternity heard.


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