Bioethics bill: Catholic Family Associations demand the withdrawal of the law

Press release from Catholic Family Associations.

Ravoidance of the law of bioethics: the “world after” must not be the one before… and worse! The health crisis barely over, the revision of the bioethics law is back in the news under pressure from its promoters. As if nothing had happened. As if in a few weeks, we had not realized that we did not control everything and that the choices could remain unchanged.

Our priorities, recalled Sunday evening by the President of the Republic, are first of all economic in order to face in a united manner the crisis which is beginning. They are then societal so that our country remains united to go through this ordeal and recover.

How not to see that revive this law Project is irrelevant in the current context, inconsistent with our inadequacies in the management of the pandemic, indecent with regard to the neglect of the elderly in certain nursing homes?

Our health system has shown its fragility and heaviness, partly offset by the exceptional commitment of our caregivers. The time has come to prioritize and rebuild the entire healthcare system, not to transhumanist and costly adventures and drifts.

Hundreds of thousands of French people are still opposed to this text which violates the dignity of the person. There is still time for the executive to withdraw this bill which divides the French, at a time when the urgency is for national cohesion and the effort of all.

With the associations grouped under the label »Marchons Enfants! " , the Catholic Family Associations have not ceased to alert for 3 years on the harmful consequences of such a legislative evolution which seeks to import in France a business of procreation in defiance of all our ethical principles.
They are now addressing the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister to solemnly request the withdrawal of this law.

Discover the content of the letter to the President, co-signed by Pascale Morinière, President of the National Confederation of Catholic Family Associations and Bertrand Lionel-Marie, Secretary General of the National Confederation of Catholic Family Associations:

" Mr. President of the Republic,
The ebbing tide of the pandemic has highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of our society.
It is certain - without claiming to be exhaustive - that intra-family solidarity has dampened and will dampen, for a long time yet, the deleterious effects of this crisis, health yesterday, socio-economic tomorrow. Our caregivers have displayed treasures of dedication, sometimes to the point of sacrificing their lives; our fellow citizens are rightly grateful to them.
This unprecedented health crisis also revealed the excessive dependence of our health economy on foreign suppliers and / or relocated production sites, the inadequacies and territorial inequalities of our health care system ( insufficient number of resuscitation beds ...), chaotic situations in some nursing homes, with, for our elders, its procession of loneliness, tragedies and deaths.
It is obviously too early to draw all the consequences of this crisis, which will permanently affect our Nation, but it is certain that it invites us to rebuild the bases of national solidarity. It is a matter of brotherhood.
In this context, and even while the state of emergency continues, the rapporteurs of the bill on bioethics to the National Assembly are already urging your Prime Minister to relaunch the examination of this project while the current leader of the LREM group in the National Assembly, decidedly ill-inspired, argued from June 5 that the sooner the better!
Basically, this amounts to claiming that bioethics is like an island, unrelated either to the crisis we are going through or to the real concerns of the French. However, in bioethics too, circumstances have changed!
Thus, if we must wonder about the effects induced by a purely economic logic which tends to seek reduced labor costs to manufacture health products, we cannot but worry about the induced market drift. , in medically assisted procreation, by the scarcity of gametes. CCNE itself wrote:
'This could open up prospects for the commodification of human body products and call into question the French health system based on altruistic principles' (CCNE, Opinion n ° 129, pp. 120-121). Nor can we pretend to ignore 'the central role of economic intermediaries in the development of surrogacy' (CCNE, Opinion n ° 126, p. 31), which will, inexorably, be the next step.
More fundamentally, while with the constrained resources of national solidarity, we will have to prevent the new crises that are sure to occur and focus urgently on the issue of dependence, there is a kind of indecency to persist. to want to bring together law and medicine to satisfy an individual right to the child (in this sense CCNE, Opinion n ° 90 of 24 November 2005, §I.3.5, p. 18/271) and to appeal to the State to provide sperm, selected and labeled, for a 'procreative project' reimbursed by Health Insurance. Who will explain to the family of a patient, who died yesterday for lack of an intensive care bed, that the State is now choosing to provide sperm to people who do not suffer from medically diagnosed infertility ?!
Finally, one would have to be blind not to see that national cohesion is fragile and dishonest to claim that there is a pressing demand from the People to promote a genetically modified humanity, given over to 'techniques gone crazy' (A. Camus, Discours de Sweden) and a consensus of its representatives around these issues. However, if we, as Christians, have a vocation to be peacemakers, it is up to you, Mr President of the Republic, to be, beyond partisan logic or demands, the guarantor of national unity.
We can collectively resist the fascination of techniques - and the fascination of the market that takes hold of them - by cultivating attention to the mystery of the person and to his transcendence, wrote all the bishops of France, in September 2018 (La dignité procreation, PMA - Revision of the law on bioethics).
In this period of way out of the crisis which will shape the face of our company, we felt it was our responsibility to share these few observations with you. We ask you to believe, Mr. President of the Republic, in the assurance of our highest consideration. "


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