Bioethics: Catholic Family Associations call on deputies to wake up and vote "in conscience"

“Deputies, wake up, you are the elected representatives of the French. They chose you for your skills and beliefs. Listen to your conscience and dare to oppose this law! "

Dince monday, deputies have been considering at second reading the bioethics bill. Twenty-five hours of debates are scheduled at the National Assembly around the forty articles. On the program, the opening of assisted reproduction to all women, ROPA, pre-implantation diagnosis and even chimeras.

Julien Aubert, deputy of Vaucluse, denounced yesterday the absence of the deputies of the majority for the first day of the examination of the bill. According to him alone two deputies of the Republic En Marche were present last night in the hemicycle. They were obviously invited to the Ministry of Relations with Parliament with Prime Minister Jean Castex for the end of transfer meeting.

According to Agnès Thill, Member of Parliament for Oise, “behind your empty seats there is all your contempt”.

Last Friday the Catholic Family Associations appealed to the deputies: "Deputies, vote conscientiously".

“It is when the French take a well-deserved rest, after a difficult year, that the revision of the bioethics law returns to the National Assembly for final reading on Monday, in the heart of summer.
The committee's examination was carried out with a bang at the beginning of July. He added to the text many additional transgressions while the Government was losing interest in its bill, leaving the most libertarian deputies to maneuver. Next week, a handful of deputies will be quietly deciding the fate of unborn children, embryos to select, or cross with those of animals and a 'new philosophy of parenthood' .
The President of the Republic had promised a peaceful debate: we have to admit that for more than two years there have been courteous exchanges in a simulacrum of substantive debate, and finally a weariness expressed by the repetition of elements of language progressive, hackneyed and incoherent.
The Prime Minister seems to have no opinion on what is, in fact, a priority of his Government.
The Minister of Health, for his part, has been clear from the start: to go as far as possible and as quickly as possible for the glory of a so-called 'Progress'. "

Faced with this observation, they ask the "elected representatives of the French" to oppose this law.

“Deputies, wake up, you are the elected representatives of the French. They chose you for your skills and beliefs. listen to your conscience and dare to oppose this law! "


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