Bioethics bill: Towards more inhumanity

At a time when the National Assembly examines the bill on bioethics at second reading, the Evangelical Protestant Committee for Human Dignity (CPDH) deplores the debates and decision-making that push France towards ever more inhumanity.

Ln June 14, the President of the Republic promised to find France fully. Its first priority: "to rebuild a strong, ecological, sovereign and united economy". Its first desire: "to build a sustainable, stronger economic model" and to do this: "New investments in hospital and city medicine". But these promises are decidedly quickly forgotten! And here are urgently included in the program of parliamentary work, other priorities: a bioethics bill with transhumanist ambitions, the debates of the "world before" take over while we expected altruistic concerns. Genetic manipulation takes precedence over ecological commitments and a majority of deputies are preparing to support a breach of equality for children who are to be born without a father, while their generation "will bear our ecological and budgetary debt".

The CPDH notes an incredible gap between the legitimate concerns of the French, their expectations so quickly forgotten, and the “bioethical priorities” that the government sets for itself: Who benefits from the emergency? When it comes to the future of human beings, respect for their dignity, it is indecent to want to rush. It is indecent to consider “fatherless” assisted reproduction or “post-mortem medically assisted procreation” allowing a woman to pursue after the death of her spouse a “parental project” already initiated ”(amendment fortunately rejected). It is a dangerous decision to want to increase the possibilities of selection of human beings. It is a mercantile social vision, centered on profit, and dehumanizing to consider the production of artificial gametes or even animal embryos into which human cells will be introduced. It is taking an ill-considered risk by allowing the regime governing research on
human embryonic stem cells (HESC) changes from an authorization request system to that of simple declaration. “The next world”, promised by the President of the Republic, should not lose in humanity but gain in it.

The CPDH calls on citizens to take the measure of the future which is being decided in the torpor of the summer and to write to the deputies in order to make known their priorities, for a world in which we hope for less inhumanity.

Press release - CPDH

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