Bioethics bill: The demonstration of January 19 was "a show of force" according to the organizers

La Manif Pour Tous press release.

despite the strikes and the social context, the event unitary against PMA without father, GPA and bioethics bill brought together several hundred thousand people.

"A show of force": the message is clear. The associative movement partner of the “Marchons Enfants” label has succeeded in its bet: to continue mobilizing for the withdrawal of the bioethics bill. A bill that is neither organic nor ethical, and even clearly unethical. Given the stakes, the organizers do not wish to contribute to yet another battle of figures in the face of fanciful estimates from the police headquarters and a private firm, which has found a niche to be talked about for free at each event.

The subject is too serious. Will the law voluntarily deprive children of a father, of the love of a father, throughout their lives? It would be a profound injustice. This bill will take away rights from children, starting with the right to have a father by his side to grow up. The hundreds of thousands of demonstrators demonstrated by their presence the power, vigor and determination of the social movement. From now on, the government has no choice but to respond to the deep and legitimate concerns expressed, without the slightest incident, by a family and popular crowd. Observers all praised the strong presence of youth at the heart of the procession, especially among the thousands of volunteers who made the event a success. This youth expresses a clear expectation: the withdrawal of the bioethics bill. According to an Ifop survey published this week, nearly 2 in 3 young people (64% of 18-25 year olds) want the bill to be withdrawn.

Because the family is popular with the French, it is urgent to continue the mobilization. The examination of the bill at 1st reading in the Senate is due to start on Tuesday, January 21. This is why the associative movement and partner associations of the “Marchons Enfants” label are calling for new gatherings on January 21 and 22 at 19 p.m. in front of the Senate (rue Tournon).

Today's show of force marks a turning point in the political process of this bill. The government must come out of silence, indifference and contempt for the French.

Press release The strike for all, 19 January 2020.

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