Bible: Ruth, a role model

During Judges' time - one of the most violent recorded in the Bible - the story of Ruth shows us how comforting a woman's gentleness and love is.

Because of the drought that grips the territory of Israel, Naomi and her husband go to the neighboring country of Moab.


Here is what we can learn from Ruth: let us be determined, without letting ourselves be shaken by the words of those around us! Obviously, our decisions sometimes have two sides. For Ruth, following her mother-in-law everywhere and giving her assistance meant giving up her own family. Are we ready to give up one thing for the sake of someone else?

Humility and love

Ruth was also humble and had a lot of love for her stepmother. Do people recognize us for the love we show? Jesus told us: "This is how you will be recognized: if you have love for one another" (Jn 13:35).

A source of encouragement

Note also that the presence of Ruth was an invaluable gift for Naomi. She not only supported him on a daily basis, but gave him, through her marriage to Boaz, a grandchild. Naomi, with no hope of ever having offspring, is offered one by ruth, her daughter-in-law. Let us also be sources of life for others!

Joelle Mission
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